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Everyone was saying that the 2017 Helsinki world championships was going to a unique event.

And they were right: It was a blast, and to hear that many people roaring in an AGG competition is something that no one that stepped into the carpet will forget.

If mainstream media cares about gymnastics or not is irrelevant: this is the era of the internet, and each of us is a media company.

We can reach a lot of people if the content is right: let’s do it on our own.

My thing is AGG physical preparation only, so take my views on team performances with a grain of salt.

However, as a spectator, here are my 2 cents on the leading teams:


Team Japan shined bright.

Many argue that they deserved a medal.

Everyone in Finland seems to like them, and honestly, what’s there not to like? They don’t try to be different: they ARE different.

Their choreography feels fresh and entertaining in a sport where it’s hard to judge who’s the best team.

They will smile at you in the halls and say “thank you” for no reason, but don’t get fooled: they don’t come for tourism, they compete to win to rip a medal off your neck as soon as they can.


For Minetit, competing to be the world’s best is just another day in the office.

Their Junior team is a legion of clones, and they will appear in your dreams if you try to beat them.

No one can take anything away from them: Their seniors pulled off a challenging music and made Finland proud.

Ultimately, they executed, and they got what matters the most: results.

2 Golds and their legend grows. Congrats Minetit.


OVO is an AGG juggernaut.

The most successful club in the history of the sport is also the most professional: they are smart enough to take good care of their gymnasts, and they seem to have an army of coaches, osteopaths, and physiotherapists.

While they didn’t sweep everybody else, they still delivered a majestic performance.

They are too big to not return to the highest spot on the podium sooner than later.


Expressia was flawless. Or almost.

When someone misses glory by such a small difference, the silver does not taste as good.

Russian teams tend to be classic with their style, and at times I feel like I am watching rhythmic gymnastics.

However, their athletes are born for this: their legs will reach the sky, and their hips and ankles will bend freely and execute impeccably.

I want AGG to grow, but if Russia would make this sport a priority, the rest of the world wouldn’t even be in the same league.


Personally, I have to be very satisfied with my team, Gloria Jr.

We were able to progressively switch to a winner mindset, stay injury-free and give bigger clubs a run for their money.

All while remaining focused on our goals.

We will give our best effort to keep climbing the rankings.

Overall, what’s exciting to me is that the most competitive side of this sport is still in its infancy.

Maybe, in a not so far away and not so impossible future, we could see a sold-out Helsinki Olympic Stadium cheering for teenage gymnasts in a World Championship.

Don’t think I’m crazy: dreams come true if you work hard enough.