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Getting results in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics is difficult.

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Why I do it


Reason one

Most teams are weak. The ones that are winning have the best gymnasts but not necessarily the best training. By getting stronger you will make the gap smaller.

Reason two

Gymnasts are injured. If you don’t have good health you can’t train and you can’t compete. Better postural control and more strength will reduce injuries.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Sports science can help you. Research has come a long way, but A.G.G. has not matched up. With evidence-based training, you will have the best performance possible.


Don’t waste your precious time.

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What my customers say


“We have improved power and gotten better results. We don’t have to worry about strength training anymore.”

Tinja Kirjakoff | Director/Coach

“Our girls jump higher than anybody else and for the first time my teams have no low back injuries”

Riikka Penttilä | Coreographer/Coach


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