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About me

Sergio Navadijo

I am a strength and conditioning coach dedicated to Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.

My goal is clear: improve strength and power in A.G.G. gymnasts.

After getting my degree in Sports Science, I coached a variety of athletes in many different sports.

When I moved to Finland, I realized that gymnasts were continually suffering injuries and unable to improve their performance.

Many of the girls end up quitting the sports after being physically hurt and frustrated due to lack of results.

Once I had the chance to apply basic strength training principles, I saw incredible results in jumping power and postural control.

All this while reducing the number of injuries significantly!

Now, I am on a mission to make A.G.G a more competitive sport, and I want you and your team to have stronger, healthier gymnasts.



  • Extensive experience as a strength and conditioning coach in AGG, aerobic gymnastics, tennis, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, professional football, and professional basketball in Spain, Sweden, and Finland.
  • Degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Ramon Lull-Blanquerna University, Barcelona, Spain (2010-2014).
  • Certified in training and sports nutrition for high-performance, University of Barcelona, Spain (2012).
  • Certified in Sports Injury Rehab, University of Barcelona, Spain (2011).
  • Certified in Advanced Sports Nutrition, University of Barcelona, Spain (2011).